Open Access Journal : eLife

eLife is a peer-reviewed open access journal for the life sciences. It started as a collaborative effort by the three institutes:

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute, MD, United States
  • Max Planck Society, Munich, Germany
  • Wellcome Trust, London, United Kingdom

at the end of 2012. Their administrative office is located in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

The eLife website gives the viewers a list of reasons for choosing it, they are:

  • Speed: The initial decision is made within a few days of submitting the paper for review and the final decision is made in about a month.
  • Review: There is only a single round of review process after which the reviewers give the authors a fair and constructive review. If the paper gets published then the reviews are also published along with the paper.
  • Research Assessment: The papers that get published will have indicators that describe the reach and influence of the paper. The journal also makes a point that it does not promote the use of a single number that describes the journal

eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd is a non-profit, for about four years the journal did not charge the authors for publishing in the journal and starting January 1, 2017, it charges the authors a nominal fee to publish their research. For the readers, the journal is completely free to read as soon as the paper gets published.

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  1. I was wondering why they charge the authors a nominal fee to publish if it is an open access already. Could be because the journal is reputable, or could it be a way of committing the authors to the journal?

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