Counter-view: Where are all the men?

Each year fewer men are getting their undergraduate degrees compared to women in the United States. What is happening to the male population? Where are they all going? Is higher education not appealing to them?

Possible theories are a lot of them join the military at some capacity. Maybe find a job to support the family, even though getting a degree would increase job prospects.  Enrollment of male students from minority and ethnic groups has not been up like it did with the opposite sex from the same demographic.

Considering there is an increase in the intake of women into the corporate workforce because of their qualification and men do not catch up with women with their education. Will there be a situation in the US where the women have white collar jobs and the men blue collared ones? Is it high time that we send back the men to school to get a degree? Or do women enjoy the status for once in their life on earth?

One thought on “Counter-view: Where are all the men?

  1. This is an interesting thought. Having a clear gender division of labor would certainty add to the socio-political conflicts. I think the data may be used here to make better judgments. Falling enrollments numbers for men could simply mean a shift towards a more gender balanced academia. On the other hand, if there is a real trend in the rates, showing a future disparity just like you described, it could use a great deal of analysis.

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